Rock-Band, based in Milan - Italy
Bio: The project was born from our long-standing friendship, which in 2005 evolved into an artistic collaboration, sparking the initial drafts of the songs which have now become our repertoire.
Our philosophy of not placing any sort of restriction on our approach to composition has led to our choice of being a musical laboratory,
constantly in search of new elements to blend into, and with which to confirm our style.
In 2008 we recorded a 5-track EP, “The Twilight Zone” as Alchemy, in collaboration with Indie label Anko Music, based in Munich, Germany.
In 2011 we've released our first full-length CD (15 tracks) with the italian label Top Records, entitled “Have some fun!”.We have changed the name of the band into “Alchemy Divine”, to set ourselves apart from the host of Dire Straits tribute bands around the world called Alchemy.
2012 - We released the album 'Fate' - out on Nov 20 2012 - as unsigned/Zimbalam. 2016 - On Dec 1st, we released the new album 'Secrets' as unsigned /Zimbalam dist.
All the albums are available on the major digital stores and even on the music page of our official website. (

Individual bio: (only the collaborators names)

FRANCESCA MANTOVANI, singer/actress. Born in Milan-Italy , March / 28 / 1963.
Studied opera singing first, then shifts to the rock music to begin the rock band's leader career.

1985/2016 - Music : Fulvio Arnoldi,Claudio Baccara,Fabio Balestrieri,Maurizio Belluzzo,Franco Buzzi,Angelo Cardamone,Davide Calabrese,Dino Celie,Fabrizio Chiarelli,Marzio Chiapparelli,Max Costa,
Mirco De Grandis,Pierpaolo D’Emilio,Gisella Donadoni,Mino Fabiano,Dario Fochi,F.P.I.Project,Guglielmo “Memo” Gazzoletti,Andrea Ge,Max Gorgoni,Emily Goodpaster,Roberto Gualdi,Marco Guerzoni,
Jo Squillo,Michael Kostka,Tank Palamara,Mauro Palermo,Franco Penatti,Gene Anthony Ray(Leroy in the movie 'Fame'), Antonio Rotta,Alessio Tonini,Roland Italy,Max Zaccaro,Alchemy/Alchemy Divine.
Theater: Actors.:Carolina Baggi,Luca Bizzarri,Kadigia Bove,Ginevra Colonna,Marina De Juli,Danilo Grezzi, Alessandro Gruttadauria,Milena Hirsch,Marta Jacopini,Paolo Marchese,Stefania Martinelli,
Alessandro Testa,Thomas Trabacchi,Edoardo Siravo.
Directors:Marco Bechini,Valerio Festi,Anna Giuliani,Monica Maimone,Barbara Nava,Nicoletta Ramorino,Laura Sicignano.

MAURI BELLUZZO, guitars/keyboards, composer/arranger/producer. Born in Bollate, Milan-Italy , May / 07 / 1966. Studied classical music first, as a pianist, then shifts to the rock music playing keyboards and guitars. Also spends several years in the recording studios as arranger and producer.

1986/2016 - Hydra,Kristal/James Brown,Daydream,Gene A.Ray-'Leroy'di Fame/Saranno Famosi-, Roland demonstrator'90/93,Cairè,Sharks,the germans The Event,Pino Scotto-ex Vanadium-
Superjam (Braido,Solieri,Golinelli,Ge),Dario Fochi-Rio/Simple Minds (Filaforum Milano), Jo Squillo,Francesca Chiara, Max Costa, Alessandro Mara,Allan Goldberg,Giacomo Cocola, Flavio Oreglio,Gisella Donadoni,Fire Trails,Paola Turci,Carmen Consoli,Max Gazzè,Electric zoo(Graham Bonnet,Roberto Gualdi,Dario Mollo,Guido Block+Don Airey GuestStar),Alchemy/Alchemy Divine.

MICHAEL KOSTKA, drummer/lyricist, Born in Markdorf -Oberschleisien-Germany- April /04/1962.
Studied drums in Germany first, then came to live in Italy keeping on studying with the italian drummer Tullio De Piscopo.
Long live experience with many famous artist 'til the foundation of the band 'Alchemy Divine' in which he's the drummer and the main lyricist

1980/2016 - Tullio De Piscopo's drums school-'N.A.M.M.'Milan-,Giorgio Di Tullio. Co-foundator of the german band 'The Event' - P.D.U./EMI -,DiscoRing, Festivalbar,Videomusic, Papa Winnie - Miss Italia, Bellezze al bagno, Coco, and many more TV shows, ROLAND Italy /SIM Hi-Fi Rome , Jo Squillo,Chuck Berry, Lynyrd-Skynyrd tribute band,Cherry-Pie, Alchemy/Alchemy Divine.

LUCA DE MARE , bass. Born in Gallarate,Varese-Italy, March 25 1986.

2006 - Started bass lessons at the Accademia A.Vivaldi, Corgeno (Varese IT) - and then in 2014 also privately with the teacher Marco Brambilla. Coming from the Metal e Death genre enjoyed many local bands as Mechanical Blood e Soul Rape and live in several rock and metal clubs of the Lombardy area. From Nov 2017 he became the new bass player of Alchemy Divine.